What have you accomplished in 2014?

As the year winds to a close, I thought it might be a nice time to look back on everything that we have accomplished in 2014. It has been a great year but 2015 is set to be even bigger and better!


We hosted several great seminars with World Class Martial Artists at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom like:

– 5th Degree Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black belt, World Renowned Health, Strength & Conditioning expert Steve Maxwell, who taught us a range of subjects from classic Gracie Jiu jitsu Self defence to Health, Joint Mobility, Conditioning and Longevity secrets!

– Edged Weapons Guru and Master Teacher Ray Floro who taught the team about the realities of facing edged weapons and how to survive these potentially life threatening encounters!

– Conceptual Jiu Jitsu expert and Roger Gracie Black belt Nic Gregoriades who taught a great BJJ Concepts seminar that brought in people from all over the state!

– 2008 Beijing Olympian for Judo and all round super nice guy Matt D’Aquino who taught an amazing Judo for BJJ seminar which will really start to show when a lot when the team begin competing in 2015!!!

Felipe Grez

I was very proud and honoured to promote some new blue and purple belts to some long time andย  hard-working students which was awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

The gym has grown steadily and is set grow a lot more and make a HUGE impact in 2014! We have so many great Special Guest Instructors coming in to teach both classes and seminars! Our competition team is starting to form!

Personally I feel I have learnt more about Jiu Jitsu in the last year than I had in the three previously!!! And the guard retention series that I have been working on for the past year is really starting to take shape and be applied with phenomenal results from my students which is just so AWESOME!!! Unpassable guard is the goal with a series that is applicable to everyone, not just the athletic! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been extremely lucky to meet and befriend some amazing individuals and be reconnected with some old friends on the mat which is super cool too! Jiu Jitsu Kingdom continues to expand and grow, sharing our knowledge and experience with various other great academies through several seminars that I have taught!

I can’t thank the Jiu Jitsu Kingdom team and friends enough! Your friendship and support is what makes this all worthwhile and just so much fun! I look forward to seeing you all grow and improve in leaps and bounds in 2015 and am honoured to help be a part of your journey in this great art! Happy New Year!


Kind Regards,

Felipe Grez

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