Private lessons

Ray_Floro 23Whether you are interested in the extra attention to learn a little faster, understand a position or concept more deeply, or just fine tune and trouble shoot your game, private lessons can offer you a great opportunity to work one on one under the supervision of BJJ Black belt Felipe Grez.

Private Lessons cater specifically to what a student would like to learn, or work on and allow you to really understand and explore various positions and concepts in great detail.

If you are a beginner looking to supplement your learning and develop more confidence in your techniques, get that extra BJJ session in for the week or just revise and refine some techniques previously learnt, private lessons really can help you.
For the more advanced practitioner, private lessons offer the opportunity for correcting some mistakes, developing new techniques, formulating a strategy, or even just solving some problems that a training partner or competitor may create for you.

To learn more about Private Lessons contact Felipe HERE