Self Defence

Ray_Floro 25
Felipe training with self defence expert Ray Floro

Jiu Jitsu as it was originally learnt and taught by the Gracie family was first and foremost a formidable art of Self Defence! The art was tested and adapted to deal with conflict on the violent streets of Brazil where any technique that was too fancy or didn’t work effectively was discarded immediately.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s emphasis on Technique, Leverage and strategy make it the perfect art for a smaller, weaker individual to survive and defend against a larger, stronger and more aggressive attacker. This makes the art extremely well suited for everyone including men, women, elderly and even children.

At Jiu Jitsu Kingdom, the Self Defence classes incorporate classical Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques as well as various other techniques and strategies I have learnt in over two decades of Martial Arts and Security experience. You will learn how about “Awareness” and the important role it plays in keeping you safe, often even more so than actual physical techniques! Principle such as Target Hardening, Verbal Diffusion, The Fence, Improvisation and many more will also be incorporated into what you learn in the Gracie Self Defence class. In addition to this we are always looking to improve and bring in other World Class Experts to teach seminars such as Edged and Improvised Weapons Expert Ray Floro of Floro Fighting Systems (FFS).
Jiu Jitsu training will give you confidence, help you avoid potentially dangerous situations and if necessary give you some tools to defend yourself and or your loved ones from harm.

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